Turn your love for content creation into an in-demand skill brands will happily
pay4-figures and more for

Turn your love for content creation into an in-demand skill
brands will happily pay 4-figures and more for

3 Steps to Making Your First $1000 on Instagram Without Having 10k Followers

(everything you've been told about needing 1000s of followers and pretty pics isn't true)

Free Masterclass + Bonus


Wish you had the freedom to wake up in Mexico to a message saying you got paid, because your work isn't dependent on an office?

Or maybe a sense of security knowing that brands will pay big for your authenticity and personality.

How about cashing in on those hours you’re already spending on The ‘Gram with brand collaboration opportunities worth more than you ever thought possible?


In this 60 minute

I'll show you how to...

free masterclass

In this 60 minute                                 , I'll show you how to...

Turn heads and capture the attention of brands and audiences with my 3 must-know tips for creating scroll-stopping Reels (The perk? Your following will grow in the process too.)

Get more saves and shares on your IG posts (forget likes  — this is the key to securing 4 to 5-figure brand deals, even as a UGC creator)

Land paid brand collaborations with my proven 3-step framework (even if your audience is teeny-tiny right now)

Use Instagram to say goodbye to your 9 to 5  and live life on your terms — there's never been a better (or easier) time

You’ll get a FREE gift just for attending live.

16 Tools for Creating Viral Worthy Reels & TikToks

Clear your calendar.

When you show up live, you’re not only getting an hour of free education and Q&A time. You’re ALSO getting an exclusive masterclass-only bonus for FREE; 16 tools for taking your Reels & TikToks from cookie-cutter and unremarkable to wow-worthy, and stamped with your own identifiable personal brand.

This download will help you create scroll-stopping short-form videos that’ll make your Reels stand out from the sea of sameness. Your following size is no longer the strongest currency when it comes to working with brands – your authentic, unreplicable, unique voice is.

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You deserve                  like these...


quit her job with a small audience

made more than $50k in 2021

landed collabs with 2 big brands

got a free stay at a unique airbnb

was paid to create content for American Eagle

landed 2 paid collabs in 1 week

closed 4 figures in brand deals in 1 week

negotiated a paid collab like a pro

was paid to create content for American Eagle

I'm Christina Galbato

After turning my Instagram from a side hustle into a 6-figure earning business that allowed me to leave my 9-5, set my own work location, and work with brands like lululemon and Ritz Carlton, I now help other women just like you create the same freedom in their lives.

Because of my teachings, thousands have been able to leave uninspiring jobs, exponentially grow their audiences, and land partnerships with brands like Pantene, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marriott, Burberry, and many more.

Inside this masterclass, I’m going to teach you the step-by-step of how to achieve this level of freedom too.

Where in the world should we celebrate your new #remotelife?


pretty nice not having to ask a boss for time off ;)

What you gotta know
about this class...

Expect to spend 1 hour together

Give this training one hour of your time (the same length as that new murder doc you were gonna watch on Netflix), and you’ll walk away with countless actionable strategies you can implement NOW to land profitable brand deals and get paid to create fun, engaging content.

You’ll receive a bonus workbook

Once you register, my team will send over an exclusive workbook. Download it, and you can get a head start on mapping out your success strategy. And don't worry - we keep it eco-friendly over here, so no printer needed. Once you download it, you can fill it out right on your computer during class.

Likelihood that my dog Koa SAYS HI? PROBABLE.

This is a casual, tune in from the comfort of your Lululemons type of training. Dog in lap. Notebook in hand. Dreams firmly locked in on a future where you’re living a life by your design — one filled with an engaged Instagram following and brands you’d love to work with fighting for a paid spot on your editorial calendar. #thegoodlife

"I've locked in paid collaborations with brands that I love and freaking quit my job. Christina has                                   . This is no exaggeration."

changed my life

- jess

I've locked in paid collaborations with brands that I love and freaking quit my job. Christina has 
                                         . This is no exaggeration."