If getting paid for content creation without the headache of growing an influencer-sized audience is your goal, “user-generated content creator” is the title and position you’ve been looking for. Take a scroll through the content creation side of TikTok, and you’ll come across the term within 3 videos. That’s because UGC is a new marketing […]

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Light your rose-scented candle, cuddle with your pup, and explore these sweet reads from the blog. From the dish on influencer marketing to daydream-worthy business inspiration, from the latest travel guides to social media trends, it’s all here waiting for you… 


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Destination guides, hotel reviews, and travel tips to spark inspiration for your next adventure.

Sharing what it takes to grow an audience and a business using social media and your blog.

From money talk to mindset tips, these are my best tips for thriving as a fempreneur.

I’m an online business educator for influencers who are ready to grow smart, profitable businesses that go way beyond brand collaborations. 

I’m a travel obsessed frequent flyer, NYC-based serial entrepreneur, online educator, doting mama to a Bernedoodle pup, and lover of self care and long baths (with extra scented candles for dramatic effect.) 

Hey, Hey! I'm Christina Galbato.

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