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July 22, 2016


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For my first ever Bold Traveler of the Week feature, I am featuring Arianne from Arianne’s Travel Journal!

Arianne has been such a huge support and motivator since I started my blog & Instagram page, and has been on some incredible trips. Here she shares her favorite destinations and travel tips.

Check out her page here: @ariannestraveljournal.

Q: Where are your favorite destinations so far, and what would you tell a friend visiting them?

A: “The first would have to be Mount Everest.”

Arianne Everest

“Everyone has seen pictures of Mount Everest, but seeing it in front of you, after weeks of hard work, climbing and oxygen shortage is something else entirely. There is nothing like it and I have never been so speechless. Do it when you are young and able because the oxygen really takes a toll on your body.

When you start your journey in Lhasa, I recommend staying at the St. Regis Lhasa Resort and doing the tête–à–tête garden experience. Or, if you’re in that area and not going to see Everest, the Himalayas are beautiful and Tibet is definitely worth a visit.”

“I loved the Isle of Burano in Italy.”

Arianne Burano

” Burano is such a happy & colorful place. It’s one of my favorite places in Italy. When you’re here, make sure you take a vaporetto ride, walk all of the gorgeous side streets and eat at Trattoria Da Romano! We had an amazing 3-hour lunch here with great service.”

“And Halstatt, Austria.”

Arianne Halstatt

“I did a New Years road trip around Austria and Halstatt is what stayed with me the most. It’s a beautiful small town with the cleanest, freshest air I’ve ever felt. When you’re here, make sure you pick up some salt. I am still using the Halstatt garlic salt I got last January!”

Q: How do you distinguish yourself as a traveler, not a tourist?

A: “Go to the small side streets, don’t eat at tourist traps. Try to chat with the locals as often as possible and ask them questions about places they like to visit. To go from being a tourist to a traveler, get out there! Explore the world!”

Q: What general rule do you live by when traveling?

A: “Wake up EARLY! Wake up at the crack of dawn and go explore. There is nothing like the sunrise light to capture the best photographs, and a place loses it’s magic when there’s 10,000 selfie sticks around you. I woke up at 4 am to see the Taj Mahal and it was so incredibly worth it.”

Q: You have an unlimited travel budget for 48 hours. What’s your itinerary? 

A: “In the Spring, I would take a private jet to Japan and stay at the Ritz Carlton, eat ALL of the sushi and dress like a Geisha under the cherry blossom trees. I would wake up and jet off to the Four Seasons Bora Bora, passing through and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and stopping over on Easter Island. In Bora Bora, I would get homemade food delivered to me from my mom’s kitchen in Mexico and from Le Meurice in Paris.”

Q: Where are you going next?

Monaco and the South of France 🙂

If you’re interested in being featured as a Bold Traveler of the Week, reach out to me here.

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