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Learn How to Become a Travel Blogger in Bali

June 21, 2018


Luxury 10-Day Travel Guide to Jordan


Navigating Life and Business During


How I Built a Half a Million Dollar Biz as an Influencer


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I'm Christina Galbato: luxury blogger, travel aficionado, online educator, and creative entrepreneur.


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In January and February, I had the honor of co-hosting two Social Media & Blogging Retreats with Institute of Code. I enjoyed it so much that this past month, I hosted another with them.

Having had a ton of experience working with Institute of Code and having seen the impact the course has on its students' lives, I needed to share this incredible retreat with you all in case you're interested at all in becoming a full-time social media influencer, blogger or social media manager.

A.K.A. doing what I do!

The reason why I was interested in co-hosting this retreat in the first place is because I am extremely passionate about helping people realize their passions and create businesses from them. Too often, we get caught up in the expectations society has of us – to go to college, get a job and keep working up the ranks until we've made enough money to one day retire & travel. But most people – perhaps even yourself – have a dream or passion they're setting aside because they think it is unrealistic or silly.

The moment I began pursuing my dreams of traveling the world & making money from it was the minute my life turned around for the better. Now, I am a full-time travel blogger, vlogger and social media influencer with an audience of over 300,000 people getting paid to travel the world.

It took me around 2 years to get here, but boy do I wish I had someone at the beginning teaching me everything there is to know about making it in the blogging world.

That's why I think Institute of Code is so cool – because in 10 short days, students learn everything it took me (and the other mentors) years to learn.

It's also an incredible experience because you're learning in a luxury villa in Bali with daily yoga, morning smoothie bowls and excursions out to explore the island.

Total paradise.

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May student, Prue Long's experience at Institute of Code

Here's exactly what is covered at the Institute of Code Social Media & Blogging retreat:

  • Advanced Instagram growth + tips for boosting engagement
  • Advanced Facebook marketing, factoring in recent changes to the algorithm
  • Growing website traffic through SEO
  • Creating engaging, shareable blog content
  • Using Pinterest to gain targeted followers + increase traffic
  • How to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Advanced strategies to grow your email list
  • Cultivating your personal branding, including media kit development
  • Creating social media strategies + a content calendar
  • The latest software to create, schedule and share your content
  • Photography & photo editing (iPhone or DSLR)
  • Creating beautiful social media graphics
  • How to find clients for freelance work
  • Turning your audience into an income
  • How to scope, price, and manage client projects

On a typical day at IOC, there's 7 – 8 hours of class with breaks for lunch and pool time. Some days, we take the morning to do hands-on photography and content creation in locations like Tegalalang Rice Terraces and the Monkey Forest.

On the last day, each student puts together an informal presentation that showcases their brand, their goals and their plans to get there. The mentors and IOC founders provide feedback on everything in order to get you on the right foot after you leave Bali!

May student, Laurence Uvin's experience at Institute of Code

Here's what the students from our 2018 retreats have to say about their experiences:

Lexi & Hayden, Owners of Evolution Salt:

“Thank you. You exceeded any and all expectations. Your passion for teaching others shines through every single one of you and lights up the room with this creative, inspiring energy that is super contagious. The environment you have created is brilliant. I came to this course with very basic knowledge of social media and came out with a plethora of information for social media, marketing, photography and Lightroom, PLUS a tribe full of creatives. I feel so blessed to have learned from some of the most talented people I know.” – May 2018 retreat

Naina, Freelance Social Media Manager:

“A big shout out to out mentors who opened our minds further and taught us to see through the noise. This is an experience I will always hold close to my heart. I feel the change in the course of my life in profound and permanent ways.” – January 2018 retreat

Kaitlin, Travel & Food Influencer @travelonyourstomach:

“When I first heard about Institute of Code, I wasn’t sure about the idea of becoming an influencer and if it was really possible. It was definitely a risk and a lot of money to spend when you’re so uncertain about the outcome. After taking this course, there is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. I have learned SO much over the past 10 days and now have a very unique set of skills and I have met the most amazing group of people that I know will be life long friends.” – May 2018 retreat

Student Results:

One of the most rewarding parts of hosting the IOC retreat is seeing how much students evolve over the 10 days. At the beginning, everyone has a small idea that they aren't exactly sure how to execute and by the end, all of the students not only have a larger dream, but a strategic plan on how to get there.

For example, Jacob Heston of @jacobhestonvibes doubled his Instagram following and has landed numerous partnerships with travel and clothing brands.

Naina was an aspiring social media manger and landed a $5,000 gig within a week of completing the Institute of Code course.

Caitlin Shey Spears (@caitlinsheyspears) grew from 3,000 followers to over 30k in the span of just a few months, founded her own social media marketing group and has landed multiple paid brand collaborations.

Ready to create your own success story?

The Institute of Code will be hosting another Social Media & Blogging Retreat in November of this year! Follow them on Instagram and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to keep up with announcements regarding exact dates and attending mentors.

Enroll now!


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xo Christina

Hey, nice to see you! I'm Christina, a luxury travel & lifestyle blogger and online educator teaching women how to build businesses as influencers online. If you found this post helpful or want to start a discussion, chime in in the comments below!

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