10 Day Luxury Egypt Itinerary

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.

Last month, I spent 10 days in Egypt! I have to admit that going in, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard VERY mixed reviews about Egypt, but I went in with an open mind. And after exploring the country, I can vouch for how incredible it is. The history and sights here are beyond comprehension and the kindness of the Egyptian people really made me feel welcome. If you're interested in a journey throughout Egypt (and want to travel comfortably!), enjoy my 10 day luxury Egypt itinerary.

Note: I do have to preface this guide by saying that I explored Egypt with a guide. I had previously Egypt two years ago for just over a day (a long layover) without a tour guide and my experience was drastically different. I didn't feel unsafe by any means, but certainly felt more hassled by vendors, more confronted, etc.

Though I am normally against group tours as I feel they water down travel, doing one in Egypt really made all the difference for me. My guide was Sam, who just so happens to be one of the most highly rated guides on Tour Radar. I can't recommend him more if you do want to go the tour option!

I wrote more in depth on this Instagram post about how to stay safe in Egypt, so if you have any questions about my experience please feel free to message me on Instagram!

Day 1 – 2: Cairo

Cairo is where you'll very likely land when flying in, so spend the first few days of your trip exploring Cairo.


There are many luxurious accommodation options in Cairo, including the tried-and-trues, like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. Both start at around $200/night, which is a steal as far as FS and RC properties go.


Pyramids of Giza. Seeing the pyramids is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Sphinx. Positioning the Sphinx right in front of the Great Pyramid makes for a great photo opp!

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Sakkara Temple. An Ancient Burial site that is absolutely beautiful and worth touring around.

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Cairo Market. Khan el Khalili is the most popular souq in Egypt, so if you're in the market for a souvenir to take home (like a lantern or some jewelry) or just want to experience the market, this is definitely worth a stop.

Day 3 – 6: Aswan

I loved Aswan. The Nile River runs right through the main city and it's such a drastically different environment than Cairo – the air is a bit clearer, the mood is brighter, the streets are less hectic. With rolling hills, a beautiful river and plenty of palm trees, Aswan is absolutely beautiful and a must.


I recommend Sofitel Legend Old Cataract. This gorgeous resort is perched right on the Nile with an infinity pool, multiple fine dining options and an immaculate spa. Plus the resort has some incredible history behind it: Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile while staying there, and Winston Churchill & Jimmy Carter have roamed the halls.


Sail and swim in the Nile River. An absolute must-do. The Nile is so beautiful and the water is incredibly refreshing!

Spend the night on a felucca. While not exactly the most luxurious experience, you can be sure that it will be one you'll remember forever. This was by far one of my favorite things we did in Egypt. The mattress they set up on the boat is surprisingly comfortable, the nets around the boat keep any mosquitos at bay and the call to prayer serves as an alarm clock at dawn. If you'd prefer to sleep indoors on a boat, this company called Nile Sailing gets great reviews and is recommended in The Guardian.

Visit the Nubian Village. Take a boat to the Nubian Village, a small town located on the Nile inhabited by… you guessed it – the Nubians. Take a stroll through the market there and through the neighborhood, admiring the painted homes and unique architecture. The Nubian people are likely to invite you inside for a tour, which you shouldn't deny because the inside of the homes are just as spectacular as the outside!

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Day 6 – 7: Luxor

Luxor was personally my least favorite stop on our trip. However, if the history is the main reason you're coming to Egypt, it might be a must-do for you as Luxor has some of the most spectacular sites!


I wouldn't recommend where we stayed in Luxor, but after doing some research found Al Moudira, an absolutely stunning palace . It's reviewed highly on Fodors and Travel & Leisure.

And again, like many of the 5* resorts in Egypt, rooms at Al Moudira start at $220, a steal for a resorts of this caliber.


Edfu Temple. Aka Temple of Horus.

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Luxor Temple. Located in the heart of Luxor, this temple is a must-see. I recommend going at night when the lights turn on and illuminate the site in the most beautiful way. I didn't get a photo here, but my friends Raquel & Miguel from @Explorrasaurus_ did and they perfectly captured the place.

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Karnak Temple. One of the most stunning places we visited, Karnak Temple is the largest religious building ever constructed (yes, bigger than the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica…).

How to spend 10 days in Egypt. Luxury Egypt itinerary.
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Day 7 – 10: Dahab

Driving into Dahab, I was shocked by how different it is compared to the rest of Egypt. There were many more tourists, women dressed in bikinis & shorts, men carrying surf boards and shops offering smoothie bowls & vegan fare. Walking along the main street in town, I was surprised by how much of it reminded me of Tulum (with an Egyptian twist); beachy boho set-ups on the sand with shishas spread throughout.

By the time we got to Dahab, I was so exhausted from the rest of the trip that it meant 1) I floated in the warm salt water for hours to relax & decompress and 2) I didn't take any real photos aside from…

And honestly, that's what Dahab is meant for – it's the place to relax, soak up the sun and meet other travelers. I could have spent weeks here.

If you're more into beach & relaxation and you're not on a tour, I would replace Luxor with more days in Dahab. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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photo from Forbes


The Le Méridien is a solid choice if you're looking to stay with a reliable chain, but if you're looking for something a bit more boutique, Dahab Paradise will be a great choice for you.

The hotel has clean, unfussy rooms (each outfitted with a balcony) and is located on a beautiful strip of beach with a nice pool, delicious food and decent service. I absolutely loved it.

If you stay here, make sure you get the quinoa salad. With more fresh parsley & pomegranate than quinoa, and a fresh mango on the side, it's quite possibly the most refreshing, tasty salad I've ever had.


Snorkel and scuba dive, tan and relax!

Don't have 10 days?

If you only have 3 days, I would stick to Cairo.

If you have 5 days, I would do Cairo and Dahab.

And if you have 7 days, I would do Cairo, Dahab and Aswan.

If you have more than 10 days, consider heading to Jordan or Oman. You can read my itinerary for Jordan here and my itinerary for Oman here.

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