Why PR Agencies are the Key to Your Next Brand Collaborations

Why PR Agencies are the key to your next brand collaborations banner

PR agencies are oftentimes the ‘middleman’ between a brand and an influencer. In many cases, they are the ones who vet influencers, organize brand collaborations, negotiate rates and set up deliverables. This episode of Her Life By Design is with a senior social media strategist at Hawkins International, Emily Shearburn, to lift the lid on how you can work with PR agencies.

Hawkins International is a PR agency that specializes in luxury travel and represents some big names in the travel industry, such as Montage Hotels & Resorts and Seabourn Cruises, for instance. Emily has over four and a half years of experience in the influencer marketing space and had a direct hand in organizing almost 100 influencer collaborations. 

How do you and your clients work with influencers?

Hawkins’ influencer marketing program is known for “matchmaking” specific influencers to different brands and activations. For example, if follower growth were a priority for a brand, then they may focus on a giveaway with an influencer who has a large following. The call to action might be to follow the brand on social to enter. Alternatively, if a newly built property had just opened, they’d target micro-influencers and photographers because they could supply imagery for the property. “We really try to match-make that specific influencer solution,” Emily explains. 

How do you choose influencers for your campaigns and brand collaborations?

“At the end of the day, it’s all about authenticity,” Emily says. “I like to watch influencers highlights because it gives me a sense of how they speak to their followers on a daily basis.” 

In the episode, Emily unveils a detailed step by step process of how they thoroughly vet influencers to decide who is suitable for specific brand collaborations. Hawkins starts by looking at an analytics platform that provides public profile data. Next, they look at an influencer’s previous brand collaborations and content, and finally at how influencers engage with their audience. This episode has so many valuable takeaways that will help you show up online in a way that will impress PR companies and brands, Emily really spills all of the secrets.

Is Instagram hiding likes going to impact brand collaborations?

“Likes are a vanity metric. From an agency viewpoint, so nothing is going to change in terms of brand collaborations. Even before the shift, our team was placing a greater emphasis on content quality and brand alignment, rather than simply likes.” 

(We can all breathe a sigh of relief!)

In the episode, Emily shares insights and predictions into how the removal of likes will impact future trends and change the industry.

How can I get on a PR agency’s radar and how can I stand out amongst the crowd?

“I love when influencers come to the table with a unique idea. An angle that shows they’ve done their research and seen an opportunity which hasn’t been highlighted before,” Emily shares.

In the podcast, Emily also reveals that it’s important to find PR agencies that resonate with you and shares numerous tips for how to start laying the groundwork to build those relationships. 

Is there a minimum number of followers I need to be considered for future brand collaborations and campaigns?

“It’s more about enthusiasm, drive, and willingness to work with a PR agency. Putting out your creative ideas and offering unique perspectives in a package,” Emily discloses. “Our agency has worked with influencers from eight thousand followers to two million.”

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in to learn how to impress PR agencies and start reaching out to land your next brand collaboration! 



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