4 Steps to Growing a Successful, Profitable Blog

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Why having a blog is more important than ever before (ESPECIALLY in the social media age)

The exact steps to follow to grow your blog and get new people discovering you daily

How to strategically plan your blog content to attract new readers

How to build your email subscriber list so that you have a loyal readership binging your latest posts

I was given everything I need to know about growing my blog from zero. I grew my email list really quickly, and I officially started my business. This business is now my full-time career.



I had my travel blog but I was stagnant with it. Since learning from Christina, my blog traffic & my Pinterest views have absolutely skyrocketed. And I’m starting to rank on Google with SEO.

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After building my own 6-figure blogging business, I can confidently say - having a blog is more important than ever.

Not only will a blog protect you from the mood swings of social media algorithms, but it will help you work with your dream brands and build a freedom-based business.

Because of my teachings, thousands of women have been able to leave uninspiring jobs, exponentially grow their blog audiences, and land partnerships with brands like Pantene, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marriott, Burberry, and many more.

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