The Best Places to Party in Mykonos

During my summer in Greece, I learned a lot about ancient Greek mythology, but I learned much, much more about Greek nightlife… 😉 I learned that Athens and Santorini are both fun places to party, but that nothing compares to Mykonos' clubs. I didn't know it before I arrived, but this Greek island is one of the craziest party destinations in Europe. The Ibiza of Greece, if you will.

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And it lived up to the hype.

Here are the places I loved best and where I recommend you go!


Tropicana Day Club

Tropicana Beach Club 2
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Tropicana Beach Club 3
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Tropicana Beach Club is located on Paradise Beach and is the perfect place to spend the day in Mykonos.

I recommend getting here around 10 or 11 am and soaking up some rays on one of their comfortable beach lounge chairs. Hang out in the sun while simultaneously ordering some drinks.

(Pro tip: the bright green Devil's Tongue will be the most secretly strong drink you'll have in your life, but will sufficiently prepare you for the later party at Tropicana).

These melon margaritas were also great.

Tropicana Beach Club 4
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A couple hours later, the real party will start by the stage. The MC is hilariously inappropriate and the music is always perfect.

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If you want to get to Tropicana from the main part of Mykonos, you can take a taxi or a bus. The taxi is the most expensive means of transportation in Mykonos, so I recommend going the bus route.

It will cost you less than 2 euros. The public bus is located just outside of town at Fabrika. The ride is WINDING AND ANXIETY-INDUCING AF, but only about 20 minutes.

Paraga Beach

Paraga has the same vibe as Tropicana in that you get there early in the day, enjoy a bit of sobriety and sunlight and then jump right into the party scene that begins around 4 pm. Also similarly, you can enjoy lounge-side food & drink service.

The difference is that this place is a bit classier than Tropicana, so you won't see quite as many bodies dancing on tables or nasty PDAs.

The other difference is that the ocean level on this beach comes just above shallow rocks, so you can have your own Jesus moment and walk on water (for the Insta) like Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad did here:


Skandinavian Bar & Club

During my stay in Mykonos, I went out to Skandinavian Bar almost every night. It's the perfect combination of dance club and casual bar, and there are different buildings for you to experience both.

Skandinavia Mykonos Club 2
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Skandinavia Mykonos Club 5
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The upstairs floor is the craziest area – loud, bumping EDM, girls dancing on tables, etc.

Skandinavia Mykonos Club
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The downstairs floor in both buildings is a more low-key bar situation and the perfect spot to start out the night with your friends.

Be sure to try a lot of the shots because 1) they're delicious and 2) they are by far the cheapest drinks I encountered in all of Mykonos. My favorites were the Blowjob Shots and the Bloody Mary!

Skandinavia Mykonos Club 3
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There is also a nice patio between the two buildings with a good seating area. It's a great place to talk, meet new people and enjoy the music as a nice background noise.

Paradise Club

Paradise Club is actually connected to the aforementioned Tropicana Beach Club, but it's the nighttime spot. The Club is a huge outdoor area with a swimming pool in the middle and a DJ booth at the front. There are fireworks that go off nightly and big international DJs play here often.

Paradise was a lot of fun and I recommend dressing up just a tad more than Skandinavian.

Paradise Club
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Cavo Paradiso

Cavo is built into the cliffside on top of a huge hill and is by far the most formal nightclub on this list. Break out the outfit you might wear to LIV Miami or 1OAK NYC and you'll fit right in.

Cavo Paradiso Greece 2
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This club sees a constantly rotating line-up of world renowned international DJ's, so if dance music is your scene, put Cavo on your list and keep an eye on their calendar. You'll be right at home with confetti canyons, pyrotechnics and immersive LEDs. I had a lotttt of fun here.

General things to note about going out in Mykonos:

  1. Whether you're a girl or a guy, expect to pay a cover of around 10 – 20 euros.
  2. Drinks in Mykonos are on the expensive side … usually around 10 euros.
  3. Don't offer yourself up for body shots unless you're prepared to take your shirt completely off.
  4. (Here's my mom moment at age 23): Ladies – be safe! As a general rule of travel, don't go home or wander off alone with a boy you don't know. I've heard some horror stories and have a friend who very nearly had a very horrible experience with this in Fira, Santorini. Just be smart! 🙂 Ok, done.

Have you guys been to any of these clubs? What's your favorite city to party in?

If you want to learn more about Mykonos, click here for my full destination guide.

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  1. Eimear McDermott on June 21, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    I was just wondering where did u stay in mykonos. I’m going there for four days I would like to explore the town just also would enjoy some beach party vibes during the day .similar to Ibiza

    • Christina on June 25, 2017 at 4:06 am

      I stayed at the Mykonian K Hotel!

  2. Vee on July 20, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Love your post! I will be traveling to Mykonos for the first time on a solo travel and looking for both a beautiful, relaxed, and partying vibe so your post was so helpful and perfect. Will also be booking the same hotel as you! Do you happen to know if there is more a partying scene during the wkend vs weekdays or both are the same? Appreciate it!

    • Christina on July 22, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      So amazing to hear that you’ll be going to Mykonos soon – it’s SUCH a gorgeous place! I am actually not 100% sure. Look online at when some of the clubs are open, but I would imagine that during the summer months, there are parties all week-long! And then it just picks up more on the weekends 🙂

  3. Christina on March 4, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    Hi, im heading to mykonos in a couple of months and was just wondering about your experience staying at Myconian – was it too far to walk, was it a good place to stay, etc? My partner and I are young and are looking to be in the middle of everything (clubs, bars, restaurants, etc) but also able to stay in a hotel that is of high quality and fun

  4. Mykonos Life on June 24, 2018 at 4:58 am

    Hi Christina, very nice review of your experience in Mykonos!
    We also selected our favourite bars&clubs on the island: Next time you visit the island don’t forget you can also take a look at our collection of luxury villas!

  5. Charles on April 1, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Hi Christina,

    Really interested in your point about Paraga Beach. There seem to be a few places there -Where do you recommend partying from 4pm?

    (I’m going for my 30th birthday and loved Tropicana when I went 7 years ago and so want to go somewhere similar vibe/dancing wise but classier!)

  6. shayma on May 17, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Hi I will be going to mykonos next month with a group of friends I just wanted to know how much spending money do you suggest to bring and also what kind of music to these clubs play as i am more into r&b
    thank you

  7. Faiz on May 28, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    What are your thoughts on super paradise beach club?

  8. Carissa @Heytripster on July 24, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Great post. 🙂 If you’re in Mykonos for the nightlife then this is the time to visit. Shoulder Season (May and June, September and early October): Great weather. … The sea might not be warm enough for swimming in May and October. Low Season (late October to April): This is winter and that means gray skies, cool weather, and rain. Also, before going to Mykonos, don’t forget to get a personalised trip design

  9. Samruddhi on September 2, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    We are thinking of visiting Mykonos in November first week
    How will be the nightlife in this season

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